Divya Jyoti Shiksha Samiti is a registered society. It is registered in Registrar Firms and Society Office under Madhya Pradesh Society Registration Act 1973 (No 44 of ACT 1973). Society got registered on 02.02.1994 and the registration No is lk- la 715. The working area of society is entire Madhya Pradesh. From the day of registration, the society is working for its aim of spreading and strengthening education. In 1994, the society established Divya Jyoti School in Pathak Ward, Tehsil Bina, Distt Sagar. The results were outstanding and very encouraging. The initial head office of the society was in Bina. Since the society aimed at working in the rural areas of Bundelkhand, specially in. Sagar district, the registered office was transferred to Sagar. At present the registered office of the society is at Noble College Campus, Rajakhedi, Makronia, Sagar (M.P.)